PREGO Rondebosch

(formerly known as Chippies Prego)

It was my turn this week to pick our car meal.

There are some rules to this meal.

  1. Must be under R100 for 2 people

  2. Must be en route for deliveries

  3. Must be consumed in the car

Those are the current rules and as Guy likes to point out… rules are made to be broken/bent/twisted or just plain thrown out the window.

Todays deliveries are taking us from Durbanville to D’Urbanvale (this is the Pleasantville part of Durbanville) and yes it is literally the urban vale of Durbanville. As soon as we enter the gates we are greeted by friendly security guards, gardeners and even find ourselves shocked and amazed by the guys on ladders harvesting the most plump olives we’ve seen in a while from the front yards of the residents. What a nifty idea for a complex and if anyone has some information on what they do with these olives please do share!

Anyway… from Pleasantville we head through Dunoon and wonder to ourselves why the bus stops are made out of glass? Are those bullet holes or were they made from stones being thrown?  We don’t always come this way as the protests in the area are quite scary but today we brave the drive and get to Killarney Gardens quick sticks. From here we go to town stopping for a coffee at Roobarb and find some interesting chilli sauces (blog post on chilli sauces to follow). After delivering to Devils Peak, Guy takes me on a detour past where his mum and dad grew up. How beautiful that they literally grew up 100 metres from each other, met in Deer Park and a beautiful 38 years later are still together.


From town we take the newly renamed de Waal Drive past UCT and down Princess Anne Drive towards Newlands. Delivery done and now to get to the serious business of car brunch. We need to get from Newlands to Stellenbosch for the next delivery so obviously after our chilli sauce experience I get it into my mind that Prego’s are the order of the day. Where else comes to mind but Chippies Prego in Rondebosch? This is also conveniently on our way from Newlands to get on the M5. Well, kinda.

So… I stand to be corrected but this store used to be owned by the guys that make the famous Chippies Prego sauces and when they went into full time supplying of sauces only was taken over and renamed to just Prego. They still use the legendary Chippies sauces to make their meals and let me tell you something… this is the best prego sauce in the world! Okay maybe when you sitting on the Algarve coast with your toes in the sand watching the sun set over the horizon and eating a prego roll with a glass of Tourig national in one hand and the garlicky red winey juice dripping down your elbow… maybe that one wins!

But for our purposes, Chippies Prego is the best!

The other rule I forgot is that only one person goes in to order the meal. This is because our beautiful baby Ellie dog goes on deliveries with us so the other person has to babysit. This comes in handy for double parking purposes as well as giving you the opportunity to pick what you want and the other person just has to deal with it 

Today I order us a steak prego (obviously!) and a chip roll. Do I want salt & vinegar on my chip roll? Hell no! You sauce that puppy with prego sauce obviously. Thanks to the new owner of Prego (even though she’s been the owner for years) for the personal service. Chatting to me while I wait and making every person feel at home in her shop. The smells are killing me and my tummy is doing little cartwheels in anticipation of what we are about to devour.


Back in the car and due to the nature of this meal - sauce sauce and more sauce we decide that it is irresponsible to eat while driving. We stop at the Rondebosch Common and rip the packet apart! The prego roll is a soft Portuguese roll covered in flour with a steak and sauce. That’s it and it is blissful! This is my perfect prego roll in that its all about 3 things.

  • Steak

  • Prego Sauce

  • Roll

The chip roll on the other hand… its probably 3 whole potatoes sliced up and fried low and slow to create a soft mushy chip as opposed to your classic take away crispy cardboard. The roll has shredded lettuce, tomato, chips and prego sauce and I’ll be honest this is a new experience for me. Guy is in second heaven. He went to Silwood Cookery School which is just around the corner and is having a moment reflecting on his student days. I can only imagine the things they got up to as young chef students!

One thing we have learnt from our car brunches is to take extra napkins. Well the 8 napkins I took just did the trick! Sticky fingers and satisfied tummies and the lingering flavour of garlic shall be our companion for the drive to Stellenbosch.

Thanks Prego for making us happy and for satisfying my everlasting craving for prego!