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We’re crazy about food. We simply love to eat. And now we’re sharing the food we love to make.


Congratulations on finding the perfect catering partner for your event!

Guyall’s Kitchen is a Cape Town based catering company dedicated to satisfying your food desires, needs & cravings.  Our website is designed to help you navigate easily between all that we can offer you.  We offer a selection of services including, but not limited to the following:

Home Deliveries | Wedding Catering | Corporate Catering Private chefs | Restaurant Consulting

Gourmet Braai | Spit Braai | Braai Tapas

As we have a love of being outdoors & cooking on fires we also specialise in fire cooking, bbq or BRAAI, as only a true South African will understand. We look forward to feeding you soon.


Farm Fresh ingredients

It just doesn't get any healthier.


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